Recitals (2-4 players)

Treasures From The Monastery

A programme of music from 17th-century Vienna that showcases its vast legacy of Italian, Austrian, and Bohemian composers. 

Mr Handel's Orchestra 

A celebration of 18th-century London, a cosmopolitan melting pot of European musicians who played in Handel's orchestra. 

Le Siècle des Lumières 

Exploring an intriguing period in the French violin school that followed the publication of Leclair's last book of violin sonatas.


Suonar Cantando (8-10 players)

Diario di un Viaggio Adriatico

Vocal and instrumental music from the early 17th century in the Venetian Republic and Hapsburg Empire, an area that now includes modern-day Croatia.

Concerto Adriatico

A late baroque and classical program of highly virtuosic violin concertos by composers born in the Adriatic region (including Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia).

Angels and Demons

A programme showcasing violin concertos by Leclair and Locatelli, two of the most astonishing violinists working at the zenith of the baroque era.